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The Air Condition, is not simply a device, rather it is a whole mechanism, which keeps you and your family away from the scorching heat of the outer atmosphere, while driving your car. It has become an indispensable part of cars these days and slight disturbances in its functioning may be annoying for anyone. Automobile ACs are complicated enough to handle at amateur level and any irresponsible step may lead to the collapse of the whole system but repairing costs can be checked significantly. Due to mere ignorance, we often spend extravagantly to the AC repairers, though the problem may not be that demanding. To avoid this extravaganza and to reduce excessive reliance on mechanics, we offer you some of the really fruitful tips for handling the minor issues of your car ACs.

Tips for AC Repair

There are several reasons because of which the AC may function errantly. Some of these require some specialized skills but some of these can be handled manually. Some of the domestic check-outs and repairing tips for car ACs are given below:-

Refrigerant Loss - Traditional ACs suffer frequently from the refrigerant gas loss during winter season due to loss of lubrication of compressor seals, because of its inactivity. Earlier the refrigerant gas used was R12 but it was replaced with R314A, because the former was more harmful to the environment. If your AC still contains R12 as refrigerant, then it will be substituted by the new one with its kit during the course of repairing. If you turn on The AC in winter, it will prevent drying of the refrigerant seal, by continuous lubrication of the oil. Moreover, AC in cold months reduces the internal fogging effectively and you will get the proper heat, with your heater on.

Dirty Condenser - Condenser is fitted in the front part of the radiator and it converts the refrigerant vapors into tiny droplets, which ultimately cools the inside atmosphere of the car. If the condenser is full of scrap then the airflow through it may be interrupted and hence the cooling will substantially affected. Thus, condenser should be thoroughly checked and cleaned.

Impurity Blockades - Some impurities or debris may get collected into the valve from where the refrigerant enters into the evaporator. This may lead to lesser cooling and ultimately compressor damage. So the obstruction must be cleared to allow free flow of refrigerant, and thus maintaining the effective coolness of your AC.

Contamination Due to Moisture - The process of condensation may be reversed and formation of ice will start due to presence of moisture or air into the metering tubes inside the AC. The air might enter into the orifice because of the leakage in the tube. So any leakage in the system must be checked and repaired properly.

If the issue doesn't get resolved by any of the above discussed methods, then your AC might be suffering from a serious mechanical failure, which includes- compressor damage, metric orifice failure, ill-functioning pressure switches etc- then it is advised to get your car checked by a licensed mechanic.

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