Invest a Few Dollars in a Car Cover and Save Thousands!

Today the majority of us are car owners, and we all spend time and money keeping our vehicles in good order, both the engine and the bodywork; this is not only to make us feel good when driving but also to protect the future value of our investment. Enormous sums of money are expended on doing this but for a few dollars only, one of the most effective methods of protecting your vehicle is at your fingertips.

Using a car cover will make the maintenance of the bodywork a much easier affair and enhance the value of the car as the paintwork will not suffer from the damage caused by the elements and birds.

Depending on the area where you live you will suffer from sun, rain, snow and frost or a combination of all these and we probably all suffer from the menace of bird droppings.

How many times have you seen the older red car being driven about with faded paintwork and thought how nice it would have looked with gleaming, shiny bodywork?

The paint fading is caused by sun damage which could have easily been avoided by using a car cover when the vehicle was not in use - the ultraviolet rays of the sun are just as harmful to your car paintwork as they are to your skin.

Many people are also blissfully unaware that bird droppings are highly acidic and if left on a cars bodywork can lift the finish even through a modern lacquered finish. Leaving bird droppings on your paintwork for even a short period of time, in some instances less than an hour, will result in blemishes of the paint job which can require a full body paint re-spray.

The best form of protection outside of a garage is a car cover and using the old adage that prevention is better than cure!

Immediately purchasing a car cover to protect your vehicle when you have it exposed in the open, even if it is on your drive will dramatically extend the life of the bodywork and paint finish but there is also a practical advantage on top for those who live in the colder climates - a car cover will avoid the need for you to clean your windshield of ice and help you get the car moving on those cold winter mornings!

A car cover is not just for those of us who have to leave their cars outside, they are just as necessary for those people who store their vehicles inside as letting dust build up on bodywork is not recommended; removing dust can leave minute scratches in the paintwork which again can devalue the vehicle.

Choosing the right car cover is important too; your car cover must be sun resistant so the ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate but at the same time it also must be water resistant to protect the car from the wind and rain. Most importantly, you need to get a car cover that fits your vehicle properly so it does not get removed when left for any period and is also easily stored when you don't need to use it.

Source :

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.(Update)