Robbers Bring Away Bengkel Akastra's Safe Deposit - Perampok Membawa Kabur Brankas Akastra Toyota

Jakarta, Kompas - Gang robber drove two cars in action at Toyota Kijang Toyota Repair Akastra and Indomaret, located in Akindo Building, Jalan Raya Kebayoran Lama No. 26, Kelurahan Sukabumi Utara, Kecamatan Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Saturday (17/11) 04.00 o'clock. Robber gang who numbered at least seven people and carrying three pistols were taking the safe deposit from the workshop. While ATM BCA in Indomaret which they were after, could not take their history.

"Failed robber escaped with an ATM machine because once the cables were severed, the sirens sounded. Loud once. But, when Safe workshop brought robber fled," said Susilo (20), in addition to the BCA ATM machine wiring mess. Susilo was one of seven men who mugged and the robber tied. Dozens of employees both a place of business was to stay in office even in the second and third floor of the building. The robbery happened when they had finished meal and get ready to pray Fajr.

Robbers can act in two adjacent places of business that, after two men robbed walking into Akindo Building parking lot. They then hold up Mursidi, security guard on duty at the guardhouse Indomaret. Robbers entered because the gate had been locked again after a second employee's place of business out for meal at the food stall. Robbers bound and smothered Mursidi in his post. A robber and a security guard wearing a uniform that hung in the guardhouse.

Wearing uniforms with the guard, the robbers opened the gate to the garage immediately. Both cars are waiting in the street pingir then went and parked in front of the garage Akastra Toyota. Because the security guard opened the gate dressed, some people in the street do not think the car is in the car burglar.

Four robbers went into the living room / administration shop. Three robbers hold up a gun directly Trisno (24) who was cleaning the guest room. "One gun attached to my right temple. It was very cold. They asked where my friends the other," said Trisno.

Robbers then wake Ikhsan Gunawan and sleeping on the couch, and Susilo will hold up to the bathroom. All four were immediately sent on his stomach on the floor to be bound with duct tape or rope.

"Marauder's three people use a gun and a machete use. The use machetes to close the mouth and nose with a handkerchief, the other does not. We did not know his face because they can not see. But one robber built very high, taller than me," said Ikhsan (20) which has a height 172 cm.

They then climbed to the second floor. Here they hold up and tied Nadi and Mulyadi. Marauder is not up to the third floor or other spaces, such as the bathroom, so that several employees did not know there was a robbery.

The robbers came down again and went into the boudoir Affan Zainuri. From the room's director of Toyota Akastra robber gang strike the iron safe. Among others, the safe containing the cash at least Rp 20 million and the mail car. New cash disbursed Yanti (finance part workshop) from the bank on Friday.

Meanwhile, three other robbers entered the Indomaret after prying the door counter fashion. In the convenience store, a robber caught by two employees who had just come down from the second floor. Both employees were directly run, rising again because robbers directed pistol to him. Robber had a chance to pursue but they fell again. Apparently the robber tried to break into or take an ATM machine. However, when the cables from the machine associated with the electric panels on the wall and disconnected surveillance cameras, security sirens ATM machine worked. The sirens are very hard to make the robbers fled.

At the same Mahmud (48), who had taken water for ablution see Mulyadi Nadi and tied up. He then untied it and fell to the floor. On the first floor he saw the robber was safe in the yard strike office. He climbed back to the second floor to take Nadi and Mulyadi against robbers, but they do not want to.

Armed with a hammer, Mahmud himself down again to the first floor and catch robbers. The robbers then fired at Mahmud and the bullet grazed the victim's right thigh. Robbers then grabbed a hammer and banged the hammer to the head Mahmud until fall. Then the robbers rushed into the car which was on the highway. "I do not know the robbers were carrying guns," said Mahmud, showing thigh and his head bandaged.

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