Car "Made In" Tegal

TEGAL-What comes to mind when hearing the word "Tegal"? Perhaps the first thought is tegal shop. Understand it, Javanese cuisine business with tegal shop that has now been "invaded" almost all the cities in Java with middle-market goals down. This is similar to the plain restaurant with a different market segment.

Then the second is on the language of Tegal. Only Wong Tegal, still proud of the typical Javanese Tegalnya. Pesisiran Banyumasan dialect is more famous as popularized by the comedian with his group Dono Kasino-Casino-Indro the 1980s. Then in the 2000s was succeeded by Cici Tegal.

Wong Tegal now found a new surprise, menohok technology. Wong Tegal able to make their own cars. Starting from the engine, frame, until the supporting parts. In short, two-cylinder car was 500 CC genuine made in Tegal. Unbelievable! And this is not a joke.

What makes the local technicians were sons and daughters of Tegal. The car was later given the name Sebayu. How similar to the Japanese names? Elections were not due to a targeted market of avid Indonesia Japanese products, but instead taken from the founders of Tegal:

Ki Gedhe Sebayu. She is the lower-level officials in the region with the rank demung Tegal (Regional Head) in the reign of the kingdom of Mataram in 1601.

For Agriculture
Head of Industry and Trade of Tegal regency Bambang Susanto explains the process of making it Sebayu car long enough, since 2000. "We worked with Central Research and Application of Technology Bandung. Engine is complete. We could make 10 times the prototype. That means, we want to make absolutely perfect. Our target by 2014 we could already marketed. However, the progress to date, probably before the year 2014 cars made in Tegal has been marketed to us, "said Bambang.

Seeing the whole plan Sebayu car, shaped like a Suzuki Carry pickup types. It's just Sebayu designed for agricultural purposes. Therefore, priority pickup area so that later there was only one seat for the driver seat. With its small, like Suzuki trontong output in 1981-1983, this small car is more nimble to rural agricultural areas.

Environment in the workshop production of Small Industries of New Cempaka Talang-shortened to LIK Takaru, Tegal, some students Purbaya Polytechnic Tegal is completing Sebayu manufacture of cars. Here, the learning process and the production process begins.

Why Wong Tegal Sebayu dare make a car? Well, this experience was Wong Tegal deserved thumbs up! Some small and medium industries Tegal has worked with PT Astra International.

One of the products is making some of the components of heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers Komatsu brand name. In this Takaru LIK Besides, a large company produces engine mountings for the types of heavy vehicles on the battlefield.

Problems of accuracy and precision machine components manufacturing testing. General Manager of Astra International Takaru LIK Soepardi visit in December and then to discuss further cooperation with SMEs there. In this Takaru LIK students and STM students can learn to use modern equipment of international standard.

"I'm lucky to be here working practice. It was a new experience. It must be very useful for me. It's all I can do it easily. Requirement is only one, discipline and must understand how machines work, "said Suharno, student of class IV 7 Semarang SMK was struggling with the modern lathes.

There are 44 units of work in special Tegal wrestling with metal. No wonder also if they have been able to create hand tractors for plowing and harrow the land agricultural. 8.5 PK-powered tractor that cost is quite cheap, only Rp 12 million per fruit. Much cheaper than similar Japanese-made tractors which reached USD 16 million.

With a name Sebayu 1, LIK Takaru has produced 20 fruits. "It was easy enough to make the tractor. We already have experience. As evidence, 40 percent of the Kubota tractor parts had been ordered from here. So we are no stranger to the tractor business. That is what a Sebayu tractor quality assurance, "said Bambang Susanto.

The ability of this tractor can plow a field area of 9.5 hectares only hours. It was after the diesel engine named NEFA 85/RDI/I/N NS model with a cylinder 487 cc which has been modified to produce energy to 7.5 PK 8.5 PK-speed 2200 rpm. In March 2007, Wong Tegal tractors launched Sebayu-2.

"I hope the tractor can be mass produced. All depends on government policy and market interest, "said Bambang.

If now there Sebayu cars and tractors made in Takaru; I do not know in the next 10 years. There will be new products with local names like Japan. Ah, Wong Tegal just love the names like Japan.

Once again, only the name. Tegal original product remains. Stay proud tegalnya shop, is always tapped his chest with language Tegalnya. And no one did when the puppet puppeteer Ki Enthus Susmono boasted: "Ki Enthus, Puppeteer, from Tegal".

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